Restaurants I recommend after living 5 years in Taipei

I’ve been reviewing hundreds of restaurants on Google Maps (and now on Insagram) I surprise myself with not knowing where to go to eat. Having too many choices isn’t always great isn’t it? I wanted to write down which restaurants that aren’t mainstream are worth going. Apart from the lonely planet, Michelin stars guides that will make places really busy with infinite lines, I’ve made a selection of more personal choices after trying hundreds of restaurant in Taipei. I do recommend them because they all have something unique. They’re where I’d personally bring friends or family that will come to visit me in Taiwan. All of those restaurant are in the low / medium price range, where you’d go without thinking about budget.

“Kung fu” noodle @ 春水堂 (Chun Shui Tang)

This one is an interesting one because it never appears on Google maps when you try to “explore” restaurants. It only appear when you type the name of it in chinese, so I guess that’s why you don’t see any “foreigners” there . I’ve stumble upon it when browsing the Eslite bookstore and was wondering why there was some people always queuing in front of this restaurant.

Recommendation: Take the kung-fu mian that is amazing. Don’t miss their signature bubble tea. I recommend to go after peak hours. Weekends might be really crowded. Try to ask for a seat next to the window for a nice view.


Chi Shui Tang Kung Fu Noodle and Bubble tea

Hakka food @ 晉江茶堂 (Jinjiang Cha Tang)

It’s a small and cute hidden house. You wouldn’t expect so great food is served there. You can try literraly everything there, without worrying it being bad. I bring friends every single time that come to visit me. If you go there, don’t be surprised to share table with others.

Recommendations: Egg yolk tofu, ground tea (lei cha), the sliced pork with vinegar sauce, and omelette



The Pork Chop lunch box @ Dong Yi

Go there to get back to the time when japanese occupied Taiwan, you’ll be surprised by the atmosphere. Some might think it’s simple classic taiwanese lunch box, but they’re really good. It’s also really cheap.


Dumplings soup with pork ribs @ 大方牛肋麵 (Dafang niu lei mian)

My friends would know I’ll never say no to go to this place. They have a really nice (and filling) bowl of dumplings, with nice pieces or pork ribs that will melt in your mouth. I like to call this place “cat’s eyes”, you’ll probably understand why when you go there.

Recommendations: go there before (11am) / after (1.15pm) rush hours during weekdays. This place will be really crowded by office workers since it’s cheap and good. Also for the sauce, just go with the orange sauce.



Goose @ A-Cheng Goose

Really great food for a really cheap price.

You’ll have the choice between the front part (chest), that is leaner and have less bones. The leg part is more fat and has bones. I do recommend the leaner part. All the side dishes are excellent. I loved the milkfish and wide noodles.


A Cheng Goose

The Bibimbap @ 2J cafe

Unexpected that a cafe serve great korean food. Bibimbap isn’t the original taste, but I definitely prefer how they do it over the traditional one.


2J bibimbap

Veal ribs and beef tongue @ Black Bottle

A really small shop I discover when they were in a “street food” mode. I love returning there. I do recommend the the veal ribs with vinegar, and beef tongues cooked with cream and mustard.



“Modern” Taiwanese Brunch @ Loco Food

A “modern” Taiwanese breakfast since they mix western food and traditional local breakfast. It’s really good and cheap. You can order in the front, and they have a big room behind where you can seat. I do recommend the “Paul’s roll” and “Burger for tough guys”. Be aware, it might have a long line (but fast) at weekends, and you can’t really relax there. Their juice are also really good!


Loco Food

Izakaya @ 夜酌居酒屋

I’ve tried many izakayas, and this one stands out from all others. Everything on the menu is great, but I do recommend the chicken skerwers topped with salmon egg. Add some hot sake to make your dinner perfect!


Chicken Salmon Skewers

The pork “bahn mi” @ Little Creature

Western style restaurant. I highly recommend for a weekend brunch. If it’s sunny outside, try to get the outdoor seats. The pork belly sandwich is, in my opinion, the must-try of this restaurant. It taste like a bahn mi and is perhaps the best bahn mi I’ve tried in Taipei. The chicken salad and crumble are also great.


Bahn mi Little Creatures

Donburri / Sashimi @ 西湖水產

A local shop selling japanese sashimi and Donburi (bowl of rice with sashimi). Excellent value. You’ll have to come here early because locals come to queue here before the shop open. I especially enjoy the miso soup that have huge chunks of salmon in it.


This wasn’t an easy list to do. I, for sure, have forgotten some great gems. That will be the opportunity to make another post. Here how looks like all the restaurants I still want to try (in green), and the one I liked (in pink):

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