Taipei, Taiwan - The hidden gem of Asia

  • Taiwan is chill and relax

  • It has awesome people, kind, polite, and lovely

  • Best place in the world to work from cafes. Many cafes shops welcome people who works for long hours. They also care about cafe ;) I actually prefer to work from cafes than co-working here

  • It is surrounded by nature, mountain, sea, river are within 45minutes reach. Hundred of trails around Taipei.

  • The Metro / Bus system is top notch, no car needed, it’s flat so you can bike from anywhere to everywhere. The bike sharing (uBike) is everywhere. I literally use it daily.

  • People are genuinely kind, friendly, curious. Did I mentioned people 2 times? They deserve a 3rd mentioned, they really are.

  • The Visa is easy to get if you are employed (aka not freelancing), and earn more than usd5.5k/month, or work in a “trendy” field, you can get the “gold card visa” up to 3 years. It comes with a work visa, and not attached to any company! Is any other country has such a perk to attract talented people?

  • Great healthcare (and the best best country that managed the coronavirus)

  • LGBT friendly. First asian country legalizing same-sex mariage

  • Warm (but quite humid)

  • Convenient , 24/7 convenience stores, within 2 minutes walk from everywhere, really often, 2 convenience stores face each other (no kidding)

  • Awesome international food scene , you can find any western food , and local food is amazing. Japanese food is amazing, as good as in Japan, but cheaper (it’s an old japanese colony, and the favorite destination of japanese people)

  • It’s a better China (I lived in China for 4 years)

ps: if you live in Taipei hit me up :)