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I did a Plum.io test
2 October 2016

An ex-classmate asked me today to do a Plum.io. I was expecting a coding/algo/logic test. But it was mostly some soft skills questions with a small part of logic. My results are available here. I’m a the top 5% to Conflict Resolution, Teamwork, and Communication. I’m not totally sure what means the top 5%, and really curious about my score on the other categories. What’s also interesting, is that I did the test a second time, and got a lower score. ... Read More

Fitness is the first step to greatness.

It is my favorite quote that Justin Kan keep saying in Snapchat.

It’s a quote I just start understand. I start working out 1 year ago. I can definitely relate this to work. and I find I can achieve more at work.

Have clear goals to challenge yourself

When I started, I tried to exercice every 2-3 days without any goals. Picking a workout machine randonly, and adding weight randomly. I also didn’t keep track of how heavy I could lift on each machine. I think at this time I just didn’t know what I was doing. My motivation decreased a lot and I noticed that I went less often in the gym. What is wrong with that? My motivation kept lowering week after week. I went to the gym less often, and started to find many excuse to not go. I start forgetting the benefits of it.

No idea what I'm doing

At Buffer, we’re lucky to have a slack channel called #improvements-fitness where bufferoos talk about their improvements and everything fitness related. I started to dig into the channel history and found a program that was quoted many times: Stronglift 5x5 . After a quick look

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Hi, I'm Eric :)
1 October 2016

Hi there, thanks for passing by! I’m Eric, engineer at Buffer.

I remember writting a blog in French few years ago in high school. I’m not really sure what it was about, certainly about technology and me being intrigued about internet. For some reasons, I stopped writting, but always wanted to get back at it

So Why?

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